Support refugees in Africa this summer

3 ways your church can partner with Refuge & Hope to support refugees in Africa this summer:


1) Refugee Sunday
2) Vacation Bible School
3) Our Obstacle Race: The Great Escape


Refugee Sunday

World Refugee Day is Monday, June 20, 2016. As an active partner in our ministry, we'd like to invite you to commemorate World Refugee Day with us by dedicating one Sunday in June to praying for refugees with your congregation and sharing information about how they can improve lives of refugees in Africa.

Here's how you can participate:

  • Select a Sunday in June that your church will observe World Refugee Day. Contact to let us know which date works best for you. 
  • Show our 2-3 minute film: Help your congregation members better understand the church's role in the refugee crises and learn more about our ministry through this short film.
  • Pray as a church: During this service, set aside a special time to pray for refugees in your community and around the world. We'd also like you to pray for rehabilitation and restoration of the 1000+ refugees we serve at Refuge and Hope International in Uganda.
  • Take up an offering: Take up a special collection from those wishing to support the work our organization is doing to empower refugees with the Word of God and to help them rebuild their lives.


Vacation Bible School

Did you know there are more than a dozen versus in the Bible that tell us how we should treat refugees? With the number of refugees in the world at an all time high (50+ million according to UNHCR) now is a good time to start talking to our children about the plight of refugees and ways we can help.

This summer you can support Refuge and Hope through your VBS program in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Run our new VBS program. This kid-friendly 5-day program follows safari animals who've been forced to flee their homes on an adventurous journey to safety. Throughout the week, participants will learn about the plight of refugees and how the Bible tells us to respond to their needs.
  2. Have your kids write letters of encouragement or make special crafts for the refugee youth we serve. 
  3. Commit this year's VBS tithing and collections to Refuge and Hope International.  

Empower your children to transform the lives of refugees in Uganda this summer by partnering with us through your VBS. Contact for information on how to get started!



The Great Escape: A Refugees Race for Freedom

The Great Escape: A Refugee’s Race for Freedom, was created by Refuge and Hope International in June 2014 to educate and sensitize people to the challenges refugees face as they flee their homelands in search of safety. Through this event, participants in Uganda experienced a small taste of refugees’ struggles as they competed in teams to overcome the distance (4-7 miles) and unexpected obstacles along the way.

Today, The Great Escape can be hosted by churches, organizations or individuals all over the world. In order to help you facilitate The Great Escape Race (along with our Go the Distance Walk) we've developed a comprehensive toolkit to help event organizers plan the event, step-by-step.

The Great Escape is a great way to educate communities about the challenges refugees abroad face while raising money for a great cause. 

If you'd like to learn more about hosting The Great Escape Race along with the Go the Distance Walk, contact us at We'll give you access to our toolkit and answer any questions you might have to help you get going!

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of these requests. And thank you especially for your continued prayers, love and support.

Peace + Blessings,

Jade & Shelah Acker
Refuge and Hope International

Chapel Build with VOA

Volunteers of America has recently acquired a camp where they will house their program for homeless veterans that includes a 2 year in-house program of physical, emotional, and spiritual rehabilitation to get them back on their feet, improve their health, and help them become self-sufficient again.

They would like to build a chapel using volunteer building crews.

Contact Terri Byrd ( if you are interested in helping as an individual or a group.

Learn about the Ackers' Work in Uganda

...and support CBF Global Missions

Jade and Shelah Acker

Location: Uganda
Hometown: Birmingham, Ala. (Jade) and San Antonio, Texas (Shelah)
Commissioned: 2004
The Ackers live and serve in Uganda, where their ministry focuses on providing assistance to individuals and families in need, particularly women and children. They operate a nonprofit called Refuge and Hope International, and among the organization’s work is financial support for nine Sudanese young men living in Kenya and Uganda. Some of these young people were previously child soldiers in Sudan, the native country they now seek to return to and rebuild.
Refuge and Hope aims to assist the poor and marginalized, advocate for children of war, partner with churches and organizations, and promote social justice.    
Graduates of Samford University and Southwestern Theological Seminary, the Ackers previously served in West Africa with the Fellowship.

Learn more on their website: Refuge and Hope.


Contact Joe D. Acker to schedule a meeting:

Sowing Seeds of Hope

A variety of social ministries through Sowing Seeds of Hope, Perry County

Teams and families are needed to help in the areas of: housing rehabilitation; literacy; community development projects; health care; sports/drama camps for youth and children; partnerships with local organizations and churches; and other special projects in keeping with specific skills/interests of the volunteer group. These projects are designed in partnership with the local community to make the best use of the abilities/skills/talents of the groups or individuals who partner with us.

When: Ongoing
Duration: from a half-day to 2 weeks

Learn more on their website:

Easter Shoes

Alabama CBF churches are invited to collect shoes for Alabama's foster care children.

Every Easter, we collect pairs of shoes that are new or gently used, make sure each shoe is attached to it's mate, and place in large containers.

Terri Byrd will collect the shoes after Easter and deliver to the Alabama Foster Care Association. 

After Easter, please take your shoes to:
First Baptist Mobile, Trinity Baptist in Madison or contact Terri Byrd for the Birmingham area.

Millennium Development Goals

Dating back to the beginning of CBF Global Missions in 1993, this Fellowship has been committed to working among the most neglected. This work has centered on the most marginalized and least evangelized people groups in the world. This work has also been holistic, addressing the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental condition of people we have come alongside.

One of the ways we have done this is through a connection with the Millennium Development Goals. Read more about this project