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Jade and Shelah Acker

Location: Uganda
Hometown: Birmingham, Ala. (Jade) and San Antonio, Texas (Shelah)
Commissioned: 2004
The Ackers live and serve in Uganda, where their ministry focuses on providing assistance to individuals and families in need, particularly women and children. They operate a nonprofit called Refuge and Hope International, and among the organization’s work is financial support for nine Sudanese young men living in Kenya and Uganda. Some of these young people were previously child soldiers in Sudan, the native country they now seek to return to and rebuild.
Refuge and Hope aims to assist the poor and marginalized, advocate for children of war, partner with churches and organizations, and promote social justice.    
Graduates of Samford University and Southwestern Theological Seminary, the Ackers previously served in West Africa with the Fellowship.

Learn more on their website: Refuge and Hope.


Contact Joe D. Acker to schedule a meeting: jdacker@centurytel.net.