CBF Field Personnel

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship supports more than 160 field personnel, or missionaries, serving in remote villages and large cities around the world. They make a difference in the lives of the world's most neglected people.

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ALCBF is proud to call some of the CBF Field Personnel our own!

Jade and Shelah Acker




Birmingham, Ala. (Jade) and San Antonio, Texas (Shelah)



The Ackers live and serve in Uganda, where their ministry focuses on providing assistance to individuals and families in need, particularly women and children. They operate a nonprofit called Refuge and Hope International, and among the organization’s work is financial support for nine Sudanese young men living in Kenya and Uganda. Some of these young people were previously child soldiers in Sudan, the native country they now seek to return to and rebuild.

Refuge and Hope aims to assist the poor and marginalized, advocate for children of war, partner with churches and organizations, and promote social justice.    

Graduates of Samford University and Southwestern Theological Seminary, the Ackers previously served in West Africa with the Fellowship.

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Mike and Lynn Hutchinson


Togo, West Africa



Lynn and Michael Hutchinson serve as CBF field personnel in Togo, a French-speaking country in West Africa.  Like much of West Africa, Togo remains part of the developing world.  Working alongside partners, the Hutchinsons are involved in various projects aimed at developing people’s talents and resources.  Drawing from the assets and resources at hand, mentoring and equipping, they are helping Togolese discover their full capacity.  Michael says, “We believe there are Togolese solutions for Togolese problems.  Each community has assets waiting to be identified and developed.” 

Whether it is helping elementary schools develop clubs to make compost or helping organize community groups to tackle the goal of better health for their children, the Hutchinsons take a personal, relational approach.  Lynn describes it this way: “We look at the entire message of God’s love.  Jesus lived out a holistic ministry that met people face to face and that addressed their physical, mental, emotional and most of all--their spiritual needs.  We strive to see each individual as a person of value and to work alongside them to build capacity and independence while sharing the good news of the gospel.” 

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Jon and Tanya Parks


 Kosice, Slovakia


 Kenbridge, Va.



Jon and Tanya Parks will work alongside English teachers at an all-Roma private school. They will lead conversational English classes, facilitate an after school English club and look for ways to create additional learning opportunities for students.

"The Roma live on the margins of Western society – exactly the place where Jesus declared, 'the kingdom of God is arriving!' We’ve seen that God is already at work among the Roma people, and we are excited to become a part of that work. We are also convinced that as others see the plight of these beautiful but forgotten people, they will fall in love with them as we have. We desire to help build God's kingdom among the Roma by working to provide opportunities for education, care, and most importantly, for experiencing the love God offers to us all through Jesus Christ."

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