Disaster Response



Many of you have contacted us about ways to help our Texas and Louisiana friends who are suffering from Hurricane Harvey. We will be helping to connect Alabama CBF church volunteers to efforts in Texas soon, but it will be 3 to 4 weeks before they will be able to host groups. When that time comes, they will need volunteers who are skilled at mucking out houses.


Below are some things you and your congregation can do in the days ahead alongside CBF to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please feel free to distribute this list in your church newsletter or via social media. 


5 Things You and Your Church Can Do

1) Pray
In a city as large as Houston and its surrounding areas, it is possible, even likely, that you know someone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Pray for families who have lost everything they own and first-responders who are giving everything they have to save lives. Pray for communities as they cope and as they heal.  

2) Give
As CBF helps get people and communities back on their feet over the long-term, financial resources will be necessary. Please consider a gift to the CBF Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund

3) And Give Wisely 
CBF is not accepting donations of items for those affected by the flooding in Texas. CBF has learned from experience with other disasters that it is much more efficient and cost-effective to provide funds that allow CBF Disaster Response personnel to procure needed supplies as needed.  

4) Organize
As search and rescue efforts give way to recovery, CBF will begin providing information and accepting registrations for volunteer teams to travel to affected areas. In the short-term, these groups will be muck-out teams, removing mud and debris from flooded homes. In the future, these teams will help rebuilding efforts. Keep an eye on the CBF website and social media for more information on volunteer opportunities. Visit: www.cbf.net/harveyvolunteer

5) Think: long-term
In keeping with CBF’s focus on long-term impact, CBF Disaster Response participates in networks seeking to help communities after a devastating event, but employs most of its resources on the long-term recovery, rehabilitation and resiliency of a community after first-responders have finished their work. This takes time and planning. 


Alabama CBF is actively involved with response and relief efforts in our state and with CBF partners and churches around the United States to respond to those whose lives have been drastically changed due to disasters.  We have a disaster response designated gift line item as a part of our budget to which anyone can make a donation and 100% of those designated gifts go to help those who have been in harms way as they recover and rebuild.

We also help send teams of volunteers from churches and organizations to disaster response sites or to connect volunteers to partner organizations working outside our state.  Please see the list below of ways you can help with current disaster relief efforts.

Disaster Relief Fund, Alabama CBF, PO Box 361864, Hoover, AL 35236.

For more information, contact Terri Byrd at terri@alabamacbf.org.