Alabama CBF Institute for Theological and Ministerial Studies


Alabama CBF is pleased to announce the creation of The Institute for Theological and Ministerial Studies through a partnership with the Resource Center for Pastoral Excellence at Samford University. 

The mission of The Institute for Theological and Ministerial Studies is to provide educational resources for bi-vocational ministers and interested lay persons in Alabama by offering classes in theological and ministerial studies.



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Christian adults who are bi-vocational ministers or interested lay persons of any Christian denomination may take classes.

Classes will be offered in classical theological disciplines such as Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, Church History, and Christian Ethics. Classes also will be offered in the practices of ministry such as Preaching, Pastoral Care, Counseling, and Church Administration.

Classes will be offered on Monday evenings. Evening classes will last two hours. No two classes will be taught on the same date at the same time.

A two-hour evening class will ordinarily meet 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. 

Each class is a stand-alone unit. That is, each class shall be completed in a single day with no class carried over from one day to another.

Students may take classes in whatever sequence they choose. Students will pay a fee of $5.00 for each hour of class. A two hour class costs $10, and a three hour class costs $15. Students who arrive late for class must still pay the full fee.

Classes will be offered at two locations. The Auburn, AL location will be held at Auburn First Baptist Church and the Birmingham, AL location will be held at Vestavia Hills Baptist Church.



Students in the Institute may earn a Certificate and an Advanced Certificate. The records for students' work will be kept by the Resource Center for Pastoral Excellence at Samford University. The certificates are awarded by the Institute on behalf of Alabama CBF and are not intended to be count as Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or as credit in any degree program.

Students who earn 50 credits will be awarded a Certificate in Theological and Ministerial Studies. Students who earn an additional 50 credits will be awarded an Advanced Certificate of Theological and Ministerial Studies.

A Board of Advisers will oversee the work of the Institute. The members of the board are intensely committed to this work and are in a position to devote time and thought to helping make the work effective. 

The Institute will have a Local Planning Board in Auburn and Birmingham. The members of this Board will make arrangements for meeting places and keep records of who attended the class. The members of this Board may, if they wish, participate in the classes and receive credit toward a Certificate.

The members of the Board of Advisers and the Local Planning Board are all volunteers.


The instructors leading classes are persons who have earned appropriate graduate degrees and have had experiences in educational and other ministries which qualify them to teach classes effectively.

Fall 2014 Schedule of Classes 

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