Join US for Seed CAmp 2018 

Below you will find basic information about Seed Camp, including dates, location, program plans and cost. If you have further questions or would like to sign up, please contact Lucas Dorion at

Where:  Judson College, Marion, Alabama

When:  Sunday - Thursday, July 8-12

What are we doing: Seed Camp is offered to children, completed grades first through fifth. Our daily schedule begins at 8:30 am with breakfast and ends at 2:30 pm. Lunch will be provided. Children will be arranged in small groups according to age with two Small Group Leaders. Small Groups will attend four periods of classes during the day. The curriculum includes Bible study, general education, performing arts, recreation and visual arts. 

Facilities:    We use much of the Judson campus including the gymnasium, cafeteria, auditorium, Jewett Hall and Tucker Hall. Staff housing is also on the campus at one of the dormitories.


8:30-8:50     (20 min.)    Gathering/Breakfast    Quad

8:55-9:15    (20 min.)    Assembly    Alumnae Auditorium

9:20-9:40    (20 min.)    Bible Study    Various Locations

 9:50-10:55    (65 min.)    1st Period    Jewett/Tucker/Gym

 11:05-12:10     (65 min.)    2nd Period    Jewett/Tucker/Gym

 12:20-1:25     (65 min.)    3rd Period    Jewett/Tucker/Gym

1:35-2:40    (65 min.)    4th Period    Jewett/Tucker/Gym

Gathering:    As students arrive, after they are registered, they will gather with their Small Groups. Small Group Leaders will lead activities in their groups.

Small Groups:    Team members will lead small groups through the camp activities, encourage a loving group environment, and teach Bible study to their small group. Small groups will include 8-14 children.

Assemblies:    We will have opening assembly each day consisting of fun games, a theme-related story, and other activities. The final day will include an extended closing assembly.

Bible Study:    Small Groups will meet individually every morning for Bible study led by the Small Group Leaders. 

Classes:    Classes will be taught by team members. The classes are organized into four areas: General Education, Gym Performing Arts and Visual Arts. The teachers will have the assistance of the small group leaders during their class.

Breakfast:    We will provide breakfast. It may be served in Small Groups or separately.  

Lunch:    be provided through the federal free meal program. It will be served in the cafeteria.

Team Member Details

Accommodations:    Our team will stay in dorms on Judson’s campus. Judson dorms will have just the basics. We will stay two to a room, with a shared bath between every two rooms.

Team Meals:    Breakfast and lunch: Provided in the Judson cafeteria

Dinners: Bring money to cover the cost of dinners.

Evening Schedule:    At the conclusion of the camp day, the staff is on break until dinner. Dinner will be followed each evening with a time of reflection and planning.

Training and Time Commitment:     

The team arrives Sunday afternoon, July 8th for a team meeting and set-up. Depending upon your assignment for camp, there are 2-3 team planning meetings in the spring. 

Cost:     $89 per person to participate. Participants will cover the cost of meals eaten out.