Millennium Development Goals

Dating back to the beginning of CBF Global Missions in 1993, this Fellowship has been committed to working among the most neglected. This work has centered on the most marginalized and least evangelized people groups in the world. This work has also been holistic, addressing the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental condition of people we have come alongside.

The United Nations adopted eight goals in 2000 to address extreme poverty, and we applauded. Our work is strengthened by the commitment of people and institutions to address some of the same problems we are fighting around the globe.

At the 20007 Alabama State CBF Spring Gathering, AlabamaCBF affirmed the Millennium Development Goals as a way through which God's kingdom was being made manifest in the world.

At the 2007 General Assembly in Washington, D.C., the Fellowship referred a motion to endorse the Millennium Development Goals to the CBF Coordinating Council. The Council approved the motion and officially endorsed the goals at a meeting in October of 2007. Your fellowship is at work to be the presence of Christ among the most neglected around the world. This work encompasses the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Christ compels us to respond.

Resources are available to educate children and youth about the MDGs.

A CD Rom resource is available to educate your entire congregation (preschoolers through adults) about the Millennium Development Goals.  For more information visit the CBF Store.

Learn how CBF Global Missions Communites of Missional Practice encompass the MDGs. 

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