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After the success of Alabama CBF’s first international mission immersion experience with Pivot: Cuba, we are excited to announce the introduction of a new Alabama CBF mission program we are calling   “GO Together.” 

Through the GO Together program we will build Alabama CBF community by bringing churches together for missions consistent with Jesus instruction to “Go into all the work and make disciples.” Few Alabama CBF churches partner with other Alabama CBF churches in hands-on mission experiences. Rather, churches plan and execute mission trips and experiences only for their members and guests.

Through GO Together, Alabama CBF seeks to create a system of bringing churches together through the formation of multi-church teams who will get to know and serve alongside CBF field personnel or churches in cross-cultural contexts. These teams will receive pre-trip missional formation experience that orients members to the Pivot missions philosophy and highlights CBF’s missional character and values. The process will be streamlined and efficient, allowing smaller churches to participate in mission experiences which might otherwise not be accessible because of logistical or financial challenges. Those 40 and younger will be eligible for partial grants to help make their participation possible.